Personal Makeover Match

Congratulations! You have chosen to let us give you a personal make-over consultation for free! It's easy and personalized, not computer generated. We will match you with a stylist that we feel will best suit your needs and personality. This trained professional at The Color Studio & Salon will choose the best color and cut for you.

At The Color Studio & Salon, we strive for excellence in customer service, education and technique. We know you will be as happy as our longtime, loyal clients. Simply answer these questions, email a photo if possible, and get ready to enjoy your gorgeous make-over. If you are not ready for a major change, we can give you ideas on how to make your current style even better. Please fill out as much information as you can about yourself so we can better serve your needs.

First Name:
Last Name:
Gender: Male
Select age group: :
Referred by:
Current Hairstyle:
Current likes and dislikes:
Additional Info on past hairstyles or experiences:
Styling Ability: :
What styling tools can you use?
How much time will you spend on your hair?
Hair type?
What would you like to keep the same?
List lifestyle hobbies:
List any chemicals you currently have on your hair. Chemicals include color, perming, straighteners, etc.
When was the last chemical performed on your hair?

Once we receive your e-mail, we will e-mail you back within a few days. You will receive a coupon for your first service and the name of your new stylist. Simply call the salon and they will set you up with an appointment to have your free consultation. If you would like to book the appointment for your service and do your consultation at the same time, we can also do that.

We will consult with your hairstylist before your appointment. All of our stylists are well trained and educated. If for some reason, the stylist we choose for you does not suit your personality, we will be happy to give you another referral. We at The Color Studio believe that you should have the best possible stylist for you and no one is offended if you would like to switch to a new one. You should never be unhappy.

Thank you for visiting The Color Studio & Salon and letting us service you. Any additional questions or comments are welcome. We look forward to meeting you in person!!

*This is for new clients only. If you are an existing client, you will receive one complimentary product of your choice for each friend that receives a service in our salon based on your referral. If you need a new look, your stylist will be happy to do this for you!

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