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Meet The Staff

Salon Stylists

Jeff Comess
Delena Gardner
Miguel Villalobos
Nhi Luu
Angie Berry
Freedom Priddy
Independent Stylists​
Tracy O’Donoghue
Trayce Primm
Terry Hughes
Steven Eskue
Nancy Hawes
Kent Skinner
Herminio Garcia
Denise VanDeusen
Jeff Fry
Pamela Nosel
Nail Technicians And Massage Therapist​
Sam Solis
Andrea Litke
Paige Toro
Cindy Nguyen
Patti Dellenbaugh
Guest Service Experts
Raquel Jaramillo
Melanie Treshock
Stephe Campos

The Color Studio & Salon



Full service salon providing a superior experience using high-end products